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Tickets Galore Specializes in Finding You Premium Tickets to the Most Popular Events Like Ohio State Football and Basketball, Memorial Golf and Concerts- Even When The Tickets are "Sold-Out". AND... You never pay extra service/handling charges like on other sites!
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People often ask if we are like Ticketmaster...We always say that we both sell tickets, but we are very different. Ticketmaster works for the venues and promoters to distribute their tickets. USAseats.com works for you; to find you premium tickets to popular concerts, sporting and theatre events, even when they are sold-out.

Our most common request is Ohio State Buckeye Football Tickets. Tickets Galore has helped thousands and thousands of people get tickets for Buckeye football games. We also can help you with Ohio State basketball tickets, Memorial Golf Tournament tickets, Cleveland Browns tickets, Cleveland Indians tickets, Cincinnati Reds tickets, and Cincinnati Bengals tickets. When it comes to sporting event tickets we can pretty much do it all, and not just in Ohio - Any NFL tickets, any NBA tickets, any MLB tickets, and any NHL tickets in any city.